National CD Rates: Average 2 Year CD Rate at 0.90%, Highest 2 Year CD APY at 1.50%

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The current national average 2 year CD rate as reported by is at 0.90%. Right now on our list of national CD rates the highest 2 year CD rate is 1.49% with an APY of 1.50%. That current rate and yield is from Bank of Internet USA, an Internet bank that is based in San Diego, California.

The second highest 2 year rate on our list is from Ally Bank. Ally's Raise Your Rate CD has a current interest rate of 1.43% with an APY of 1.44%. With this certificate of deposit Ally allows the CD holder to raise the interest rate once during the CD term if interest rates rise.

Coming in with the third best national rate on our list are Discover Bank and Tennessee Commerce Bank. Both banks are offering 24 month bank CD rates at 1.39% with an APY of 1.40%.

The fourth highest rate on our list is from Union National Bank. The Elgin, Illinois based bank is offering 2 year rates at 1.35% with an APY of 1.36%.

Rounding out the top 5 national CD rates are First Internet Bank of IN, AIG Bank and Nationwide Bank. 2 year CD rates at these banks are at 1.34% with an APY of 1.35%.

Author: Robert Till
July 11th, 2011