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Marcus CD Rates

Marcus CD RatesMarcus CD rates are currently at 0.55 percent for a 12 month certificate of deposit, 0.55 percent is low historically, but competitive in this low interest rate environment. Marcus Bank is also offering several other certificates of deposits, ranging from 6 months to 72 months.

Again, these CD rates at Marcus are low, but you will not get much better these days. When you compare these CD rates from Marcus with the FDIC national average, you get a little more perspective. The current FDIC national average 12 month CD rate is at 0.14 percent.

Marcus Rates

Marcus CD Summary

  • 10 Day CD rate guarantee

  • You can open an account in minutes

  • $500 minimum opening balance

  • You can easily manage your CD account online and set the maturity instructions in advance

  • There is a call center available 7 days a week

  • Open CD account now

All Rates:

  • 6 Month 0.14%

  • 9 Month 0.25%

  • 12 Month 0.55%

  • 18 Month 0.55%

  • 24 Month 0.55%

  • 36 Month 0.65%

  • 48 Month 0.65%

  • 60 Month 0.80%

  • 72 Month 0.80%

If Marcus CD rates go up within 10 days of opening an account, the bank will increase the CD rate on your account. To qualify for this feature, open an account with at least $500.

Marcus Best CD Rates

Of all the Marcus high-yield certificates of deposit, the bank's 5 year and 6 year CD rates are the highest at 0.80 percent. Again, 0.80 percent doesn't sound like much historically, but when compared to the current FDIC  60 month average rate of 0.27 percent, the rate looks much better.


Marcus has many certificates of deposit to choose from, with different interest rates, giving you a wide range to terms to choose from to invest. Marcus is also offering a no-penalty CD with a term of 7 months with a rate of 0.45 percent. With Marcus you are getting higher rates than the current national average rates available, plus the accounts have excellent features and benefits. If you’re looking for other terms and rates, you can view our list of National CD rates to get the highest rates today.
Author: Brian McKay
October 3rd, 2021