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Live Oak Bank CD Rates and Review

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Live Oak Bank CD rates were recently lowered but this bank's rates are still very competitive. Live Oak Bank is an Internet based bank headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina. Live Oak Bank is a subsidiary of Live Oak Bancshares, Inc., a publicly traded company on NASDAQ, ticker symbol  LOB.

As with any Internet based bank, Live Oak can offer higher CD rates because without having any brick and mortar branch location, their carrying costs are lower. Live Oak Bank's current 1 year CD rate at 1.29 percent with a yield of 1.30 percent is the best 1 year CD rate in our database right now.

Live Oak Bank CD RatesLive Oak Bank is in great financial shape and earns 5 out of 5 stars. The bank states its primary goal is to finance small business growth nationwide.

Current List of Live Oak Bank CD Rates

ProductAPYRateMin. Deposit
6 month CD1.000%1.000%$2,500.00
1 yr CD1.300%1.290%$2,500.00
2 yr CD1.450%1.440%$2,500.00
3 yr CD1.550%1.540%$2,500.00
5 yr CD1.750%1.730%$2,500.00
18 month CD1.350%1.340%$2,500.00
4 yr CD1.650%1.640%$2,500.00

You can see how Live Oak Bank's CD rates compare with other bank CD rates by searching our rate tables at

Author: Brian McKay
August 8th, 2016