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If a Meteor Hits Your Home, Are You Covered?

The largest meteor to hit the earth in over 100 years fell in Western Siberia this week, causing a tremendous amount of damage primarily due to the sonic boom the meteor created. Thankfully, no deaths were reported though 1,200 people were injured and there was a great deal of property damage.

If a Meteor Hits Your Home Are You Covered?

This begs the question, if your home is hit by a meteor does your homeowners insurance cover the damage? The answer is yes. posed the very question to Robert Hartwig, president of the Insurance Information Institute.

Though it's very unlikely that a meteor would hit your home, you are covered if it does happen (provided, obviously, that you have home insurance).  A more likely event would be "blue ice"  hitting your home from a plane flying overhead.

You can view this video of the meteor hitting Russia here:


Author: Brian McKay
February 19th, 2013