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Iberiabank Visa Classic Credit Card Rate 7.25%

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Iberiabank's Visa Classic credit card rate is one of the lowest credit card rates currently available from any bank or credit union. Iberia Bank's credit card rate is currently at 7.25 percent. The Visa Classic credit card rate can vary depending on your credit history and score. That being said the credit card rate you receive might be 10.25% or 13.25% depending on your credit worthiness.

The Iberia Bank Visa Classic credit card also has a 6 month introductory credit card rate for all balance transfers. The current 6 month intro credit card rate is 1.99 percent. The 6 month intro rate is for the first 6 month billing cycles. The balance transfer rate applies to balance transfers processed within three months of your credit card account opening date.

Cash advance rates are higher than balance transfer rates and rates for purchases. Cash advance credit card rates are also based on your your credit worthiness. The current cash advance rates are 12.75%, 16.25% and 19.25%.

As with most credit cards these days the Iberiabank Visa Classic credit card is a variable rate credit card. The interest rate can change at anytime after the intro rate. The credit card rate is based on the market and the Prime Rate.

Another good thing about the Visa Classic Credit Card is the balance transfer fee is a lot less than most banks charge these days. Iberiabank only charges 2.00% of the balance transfer amount. Most banks these days charge between 4.00% and 5.00% which can make a balance transfer costly even if the balance transfer rate is low. 

As with any balance transfer you should also factor in the transfer fee when doing a balance transfer. The interest rate you pay will be higher when the cost is factored, even on a zero percent balance transfer card.
Author: Robert Till
November 11th, 2010