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Highest CD Rates in New Jersey

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The average CD rate is darn right dismal and has been for awhile now. CD rates were expected to start headed higher in 2010 but that might not happen until 2011. There has been a slew of poor economic numbers released recently that is pointing to a slowing economy.

The June FOMC minutes also show the fed revised down their outlook for growth. The fed also believes inflation still isn’t a concern at this point for them to raise interest rates. CD rates won't be heading higher until we see stronger growth and the fed raises interest rates.

Looking for the highest CD rates at banks and credit unions? Use our CD rate tables at to find the best CD rates in your area.

The national average 12 month CD interest rate is 0.83 percent. Although the national average 12 month CD rates are dismal, you can find 12 month CD rates a lot better than the national average rate.

We search our CD rate tables for the highest 12 month CD rates in NJ. The current highest CD rate is from Flagstar Bank and Sallie Mae Bank. Both banks are currently offering their 12 month CD rates at 1.54 percent with an annual percentage yield of 1.55 percent.

Discover Bank has the second highest CD rate on our 12 month CD rate list in NJ. Discover Bank's current 12 month CD rate is 1.49 percent with an APY of 1.50 percent. 

AIG Bank has the third best CD rate on our list. AIG Bank's current 12 month CD interest rate is 1.48 percent with an APY of 1.49 percent.

Ally Bank has the fourth highest 12 month CD rate. The bank's current 12 month CD rate is 1.47 percent with an APY of 1.48 percent. Following is our list of the highest 12 month CD rates in New Jersey.

Highest CD Rates in New Jersey (NJ) 12 Month CD Rates

  • Flagstar Bank 1.55% APY Min $500

  • Sallie Mae 1.55% APY Min $ 1

  • Discover Bank 1.50% APY Min $2500

  • AIG Bank 1.49% APY Min $2500

  • Ally Bank 1.48% APY Min $ 1

  • 1.46% APY Min $2500

  • Nationwide Bank 1.45% APY Min $10,000

  • Tennessee Commerce Bank 1.40% APY Min $2500

  • Pentagon Federal Credit Union 1.31% APY Min $1000

  • PenFed 1.31% APY Min $1000

  • American Express Bank FSB 1.30% APY Min $ 0

  • Bank of Internet USA 1.26% APY Min $1000

  • Hudson City Savings Bank 1.25% APY Min $500

  • Manasquan Saving Bank 1.20% APY Min $500

  • EverBank 1.19% APY Min $1500

  • Boiling Springs Savings Bank 1.15% APY Min $1000

  • BankDirect 1.11% APY Min $10000

  • Haven Savings Bank 1.10% APY Min $100

  • Bogota Savings Bank 1.10% APY Min $1000

  • Kearney Federal Savings Bank 1.10% APY Min $500

  • Oritani Savings 1.10% APY Min $1000

  • HSBC Advance 1.01% APY Min $1000

  • ING DIRECT 1.00% APY Min $ 1

  • First Internet Bank of IN 1.00% APY Min $1000

  • Bay Ridge Federal Credit Union 1.00% APY Min $500

  • Investors Savings Bank 1.00% APY Min $500

  • Columbia Bank 1.00% APY Min $500

Author: Brian McKay
July 22nd, 2010