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E-Loan CD Rates

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E-Loan, a subsidiary of Banco Popular North America, is advertising certificates of deposit with terms ranging between 1 month and 6 years. E-Loan's minimum opening deposit and minimum balance requirement to earn the CD rate and yield is $10,000. E-Loan’s bank CD rates are tiered but currently all have the same CD rates and yields regardless of the account balance.

The CD rates offered by E-Loan are not the best CD rates available right now but their CD rates are competitive with the national average CD rates. The bank's shortest term certificate of deposit, their one month CD, currently has a CD rate of 0.25 percent and an annual percentage yield of 0.25 percent.

Their longest term certificate of deposit, their 6 year CD, has a current CD rate of 2.57 percent and an APY of 2.60 percent. We wouldn't recommend locking into such a long term CD rate right now since rates will be heading higher over the next couple of years. .

E-Loan CD Rates and APY

  • 1 Month CD 0.25% Rate 0.25% APY

  • 2 Month CD 0.30% Rate 0.30% APY

  • 3 Month CD 0.40% Rate 0.40% APY

  • 6 Month CD 0.55% Rate 0.55% APY

  • 9 Month CD 0.65% Rate 0.65% APY

  • 1 Year CD 0.85% Rate 0.85% APY

  • 18 Month CD 1.14% Rate 1.15% APY

  • 2 Year CD 1.49% Rate 1.50% APY

  • 3 Year CD 1.74% Rate 1.75% APY

  • 4 Year CD 2.03% Rate 2.05% APY

  • 5 Year CD 2.47% Rate 2.50% APY

  • 6 Year CD 2.57% Rate 2.60% APY

CD rates change constantly, for a more current list of CD rates go to
Author: Brian McKay
May 6th, 2010