Bitcoin tops 41,000. Check current cryptocurrency prices here: Releases Cryptocurrency Price Tracker which has aggregated U.S. bank deposit rates and mortgage rates for over 10 years has released a Cryptocurrency Price Tracker.

You probably heard about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Now you have a trusted U.S. based website that displays cryptocurrency prices from exchanges around the world.

We realize some will say “why is a website that aggregates banking rates now aggregating cryptocurrency prices?”

Cryptocurrency Price TrackerBrian McKay, founder of, made the following statement:

"We believe there will be some form of convergence of traditional banking and cryptocurrency in the future. What the convergence will ultimately be we don’t know but there will be a convergence. Therefore, aggregating cryptocurrency prices is a natural progression for us.

We aim to have the most current updated price information over and offer more features than our competitors. Above all, we hope our website introduces traditional U.S. banking customers to cryptocurrencies and contributes to the cryptocurrency community around the world."

Our listing of cryptocurrencies currently has over 1200 cryptocurrencies and is growing. You can view our aggregated data at (

Cryptocurrency Price Tracker

Features Include:

  • Prices displayed in over 150 fiat currencies.

  • Translation for 103 different languages

  • Supply numbers updated frequently. Bitcoin and other major coin supply numbers updated as they happen in near real-time.

  • Streaming price updating every minute

  • Market Cap – Including all coin market cap, Bitcoin market cap and alt-coin cap

  • Bitcoin market cap percentage

  • 24-hour percentage change

  • 24-hour volume ranking by default – Columns can be sorted for market cap ranking, 24-hour percentage change ranking, etc.

  • Display 10, 25, 50 or 100 cryptocurrencies per page

  • Display 10, 25, 50, 100 or all markets per page

  • Dark mode

  • Twitter and website cryptocurrency URLs

  • Proof Type

Coming Features:

  • Advanced charting

  • API access

  • Website widgets

  • ICO listings

Some points to make, investing in cryptocurrency is highly speculative, you can certainly lose some if not all of your investment. Unlike CD accounts and savings accounts, cryptocurrency isn't FDIC insured. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies are highly volatile. Our aggregated price data is for informational purposes only. Therefore we do not make any recommendations or imply that you should invest in cryptocurrencies.
Author: Brian McKay
October 16th, 2018