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Credit Card Rates: Average Rates January 12, 2011

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The average rate on credit cards hasn't moved much since last week . The lowest credit card rates by category are on our rates lists is on our Low Introductory Rate Cards. The current average on that category is 0.689 percent, unchanged from last week's average.

The second lowest credit card rate is on our Low Balance Transfer Rate category. The average rate on our low balance transfer credit card rate list is 7.769 percent.

Naturally our Secured Credit Card rate list has the highest average rate since the list contains cards for people building their credit or repairing their credit history. The current average rate is 16.35 percent. There is one card on our Secured Credit Card list that has an ongoing interest rate of 0.00%.  Applied Bank is offering their Platinum Zero Secured Visa Credit Card that has a 0.00% APR for purchases and no account application fee.

Average Rates January 12, 2011 Credit Card Rates

  • Low Introductory Rate Credit Cards 0.70%

  • Low Balance Transfer Rate Credit Cards 7.77%

  • Reward Credit Cards Rates 12.17%

  • No Annual Fee Credit Cards 12.29%

  • Small Business Credit Cards 12.43%

  • Platinum Credit Cards 12.51%

  • Cash Back Credit Cards 12.59%

  • Student Credit Cards 13.34%

  • Frequent Flyer Credit Cards 13.88%

  • Credit-Builder Credit Cards 15.26%

  • Secured Credit Cards 16.35%

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Author: Brian McKay
January 12th, 2011