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Chase Bank CD Rates: 12-Month Term 3.00% APY (Nationwide)

Chase Bank CD rates on the bank's 12-Month term CD are very competitive, the current CD rate is 3.00% APY. This is actually a really good CD rate available from a traditional brick and mortar bank. To earn this rate and yield you have to open a CD with a minimum opening deposit of $10,000. Besides this 12-month CD rate, Chase Bank is also offering one of best CD rates for a 24-month term CD at 1.97% APY.

Chase Bank CD Summary

  • 1-Month 0.02%
  • 2-Month 0.02%
  • 3-Month 0.02%
  • 6-Month 2.25%
  • 9-Month 0.02%
  • 12-Month 3.00%
  • 15-Month 0.02%
  • 18-Month 0.02%
  • 21-Month 0.02%
  • 24-Month 2.02%
  • 30-Month 1.51%
  • 36-Month 2.02%
  • 42-Month 1.51%
  • 48-Month 1.51%
  • 60-Month 1.51%
  • 84-Month 1.51%
  • 120-Month 1.51%

As you can see, Chase Bank CD rates are only competitive for the 12-month and 24-month CDs. The minimum opening deposit to earn the listed yields is $10,000.

Chase Bank Best CD Rates

Overall, the best CD rates at Chase Bank are on the bank's 12-month CD. The reason why that rate qualifies as the best rate is because CD rates are moving higher. I wouldn't lock my funds in a 24-month CD, I would invest in only short-term CD rates at this point in the interest rate cycle.


If you decide to open a CD account with Chase Bank, be sure to deposit at least $10,000, otherwise you won't get the higher 12-month and 24-month yields listed. Chase is offering many other term CDs but all with pathetic rates, so stay away from those CDs as well.

Author: Brian McKay
July 4th, 2022