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CD Rates Weekly Average Rates 4/25

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CD rates are stable this week, no big change in average CD rates as reported by Deposit rates in general are not expected to start heading higher until later this year as the economy picks up steam, inflation becomes a concern and the Federal Reserve raises the Fed Funds rate and the Discount rate.

Current 12 month CD interest rates are averaging 0.624%, down from the prior week's average of 0.636%. Of course there are rates higher than the averages. Right now on our CD rate list Tennessee Commerce Bank has 12 month rates at 1.29% with an APY of 1.30%

Average rates on 3 month certificates of deposit are at 0.236%, down from last week's average 3 month rate of 0.241 percent. Right now on our 3 month rate list Discover Bank is offering 3 month rates at 0.55 percent with an APY of 0.55%.

Average CD Rates 4/25

  • 3 month rates 0.236%

  • 6 month rates 0.402%

  • 12 month rates 0.624%

  • 18 month rates 0.752%

  • 24 month rates 0.979%

  • 36 month rates 1.269%

  • 48 month rates 1.516%

  • 60 month rates 1.899%

Find bank CD rates and credit union CD rates in your area by searching our interest rate tables.

Author: Brian McKay
April 25th, 2011