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CD Rates Average February 4, 2011

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The downtrend for CD rates continues in 2011. CD interest rates have been on a slow painful decline for just over two years. The current national average 12 month rate is 0.671 percent today, down from the previous week’s average 12 month rate of 0.678 percent. Of course you can find 12 month rates higher than the current national average.

There is hope the future direction of rates will be higher since the economy is picking up steam. That being said, stick with shorter term certificate of deposits so you can ride the interest rate wave higher.

24 month CD rates and 36 month CD rates did manage to head fractionally higher this week over last. 24 month rates are averaging 1.020 percent, up from the prior week's average of 1.006. 36 month CD interest rates are averaging 1.282 percent this week, an increase from the previous week's average of 1.144 percent.

February 2, 2011 Average Rates on Certificates of Deposit

3 Month Average Rates 0.250%
6 Month Average Rates 0.319%
12 Month Average Rates 0.671%
18 Month Average Rates 0.676%
24 Month Average Rates 1.020%
36 Month Average Rates 1.282%
48 Month Average Rates 1.522%
60 Month Average Rates 1.924%
Author: Brian McKay
February 4th, 2011