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CD Rates and Treasury Yields Stable This Week: Best 1 Year CD Rates at 1.05% APY, 12 Month Treasury Yields at 0.12%

There were no changes for the best CD rates available on our 1 year CD rate table this week though average CD rates did increase. The best CD rates available on our rate table remain at 1.04 percent with an APY of 1.05 percent and average 12 month CD rates increased from 0.60 percent to 0.68 percent.

CD Rates and Treasury Yields Stable This Week Best 1 Year CD Rates at 105 APY 12 Month Treasury Yields at 012The bank offering at 12 month rate of 1.04 percent with an APY of 1.05 percent is GE Capital Retail Bank. A rate just above 1.00 percent might not seem that great when compared to rates a few years ago but you'll be hard pressed to find a better rate. With current 12 month U.S. Treasury yields much lower at 0.12 percent you really don't have much of an option to earn a better rate without risking your principal.

Going out longer term on your fixed asset investments won't earn you a much higher rate. The highest CD rates on 2 year certificates of deposit this week are at 1.19 percent with an APY of 1.20 percent. The bank offering that 2 year CD rate and CD yield on our table this week is CIT Bank. Average 2 year CD rates are also higher this week at 0.87 percent, up from last week's average rate of 0.82 percent.

Think you'll do better investing in 2 year U.S. Treasuries? Don't count on it, 2 year Treasury yields are much lower at 0.24 percent, about one fifth the highest 2 year CD rates. If you want to get a higher yield on U.S. bonds you have invest in a 10 year bond to earn a higher rate. Current 10 year bond yields are at 1.72 percent.

Below are list of the highest CD rates on our rate tables this week along with U.S Treasury yields:

Highest CD Rates

  • 1 Month CD Rate at 0.15% from Virtual Bank

  • 2 Month CD Rate at .020% from E-Loan

  • 3 Month CD Rate at  0.45% from Ever Bank

  • 6 Month CD Rate at 0.88% from Doral Bank Direct

  • 9 Month CD Rate at 0.92% from Doral Bank Direct

  • 12 Month CD Rate at 1.04%/1.05% APY from GE Capital Retail Bank

  • 18 Month CD Rate at 1.03%/1.03% APY from Doral Direct

  • 24 Month CD Rate at 1.19%/1.20% APY from CIT Bank

  • 30 Month CD Rate at 1.09%/1.10% APY from Discover Bank

  • 36 Month CD Rate at 1.30%/1.31% APY from Virtual Bank

  • 48 Month CD Rate at 1.55%/1.56% APY from Nationwide Bank

  • 60 Month CD Rate at 1.69%/1.70% APY from Nationwide Bank

U.S. Treasury Rates

  • 1 Month Rate 0.04%

  • 3 Month Rate 0.05%

  • 6 Month Rate 0.09%

  • 1 Year Rate 0.12%

  • 2 Year Rate 0.24%

  • 3 Year Rate 0.35%

  • 5 Year Rate 0.70%

  • 7 Year Rate 1.13%

  • 10 Year Rate 1.72%

  • 20 Year Rate 2.50%

  • 30 Year Rate 2.88%

Author: Brian McKay
April 24th, 2013