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Best 18 Month CD Rates in San Antonio, Texas

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Average bank CD rates are so low right now, today's 18 month CD rates are averaging only 1.13 percent. You can find CD rates higher than the national CD rates. Tennessee Commerce Bank has the best CD rate on our list of the top 18 month CD rates in San Antonia, TX.  TCB's current 18 month bank CD rate is 1.78 percent with an annual percentage yield of 1.80 percent. The minimum opening account balance is $2,500.

Looking for the best CD rates at banks and credit unions? Use our CD rate tables at to find the highest CD rates.

Ally Bank, American Express Bank and Nationwide Bank are tied for second on the list. All three banks have a current CD rate of 1.64 percent and an annual percentage yield of 1.65 percent. There is no minimum deposit at American Express Bank. The minimum opening account balance is only $1 at Ally Bank. Nationwide Bank's minimum deposit is $10,000.

Discover Bank and AIG Bank are next on the list of best CD rates. Their current 18 month CD rate is 1.59 percent with an APY of 1.60 percent. The minimum opening deposit at both banks is $2,500.

Best 18 Month CD Rates San Antonio, Texas

  • Tennessee Commerce Bank 1.80% APY Min $2500

  • Ally Bank 1.65% APY Min $1

  • American Express Bank 1.65% APY Min $0

  • Nationwide Bank 1.65% APY Min $10,000

  • Discover Bank 1.60% APY Min $2500

  • AIG Bank  1.60% APY Min $2500

  • Bank of Internet 1.54% APY Min $1000

  •  1.50% APY Min $1000

  • EverBank 1.40% APY Min $1500

  • MetroBank CD Rate 1.40% APY Min $500

  • Beal Bank 1.26% APY Min $1000

  • BankDirect 1.21% APY Min $10,000

  • First Internet Bank of IN 1.20% APY Min $1000

  • Legacy Bank of Texas 1.20% APY Min$2500

  • Prosperity Bank 1.15% APY Min $1000

  • 1.15% APY Min $10,000

  • Ameriprise Bank FSB 1.15% APY Min $10,000

Author: Brian McKay
May 5th, 2010