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Ally Bank CD Rates – 1 Year Bank CD Rates at 1.19%

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Ally Bank is still at the near the top of our list of national CD rates. Ally Bank has consistently been on the higher end of our CD rate tables for the past couple of years. Right now Ally Bank's 1 year bank CD rate is 1.19% with an APY of 1.20%. Ally's rate is more than double the current national average 1 year rate of 0.546% as reported by

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Ally Bank is also advertising their 11 month No Penalty certificate of deposit that currently has a CD rate of 1.12% with a CD yield of 1.13%. This CD might be a good alternative since rates will head higher over the next 12 months. You can get a great CD rate and be able to withdraw your money early, without a penalty, if rates go higher.

Another option is just invest in a shorter term certificate of deposit. Short term CD Rates at Ally Bank are also good deals. Current 3 month rates are at 0.49%, 6 month rates are at 0.94% and 9 month rates are at 0.99%.

Ally Bank High Yield CD Rates and Yields

3 months 0.49% Yield 0.49%
6 months 0.94% Yield 0.94%
9 months 0.99% Yield 0.959%
12 months 1.19% Yield 1.20%
18 months 1.24% Yield 1.24%
3 years 1.73% Yield 1.74%
5 years 2.30% Yield 2.33%

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Author: Robert Till
July 6th, 2011