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Wilshire State Bank CD Rates

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wilshire-state-bank-cd-ratesWilshire State Bank of Los Angeles California is offering some of the best CD rates available these days. The bank's best certificate of deposit rate and yield is for a 6 month CD.

The annual percentage yield for a 6 month CD is currently at 2.52 percent, well above the national average 6 month certificate of deposit rate of 1.09 percent. This CD rate is for account balances of $1,000 and above. The minimum opening CD account balance is also $1,000. 12 month bank CD rates are also yielding the same rate of 2.52 percent.

Wilshire's 3 month certificate of deposit is one of the highest CD rates available these days and well above the national average certificate of deposit rate for a 3 month CD. Their 3 month CD is currently yielding 1.50 percent. Their 9 month certificate of deposit has an annual percentage yield of 2.27 percent. Business CD rates are the same as personal CD rates at the bank.

Wilshire State Bank has been in operation since 1980 and has bank branches in four states including California, Texas, New York and New Jersey. The bank's FDIC Cert number is 23301.
Author: Brian McKay
June 17th, 2009