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Texas CD Rates: Best 3 Month, 6 Month and 12 Month Rates

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We have complied a list of the best 3 month CD rates, 6 month CD rates and 12 month CD rates in Texas using the rate tables on Right now on our 3 month list Tennessee Commerce Bank has the highest CD rate.

Tennessee Commerce Bank is offering 3 month certificate of deposit rates at 0.60% with an APY of 0.60%. You won't find many 3 month CD rates at banks higher than that rate.

The second best 3 month rate on our list is from Beal Bank. The bank is offering 3 month CD interest rates at 0.51% with an APY of 0.51%. Three banks have the third highest rate on our list. Discover Bank, Nationwide Bank and Bank of the West are all offering 3 month rates and yields at 0.50%.

Moving onto 6 month CD rates in Texas, Ally Bank has the best rate. Ally Bank is offering 6 month rates at 0.94% with an APY of 0.94%. That rate is more than double the 6 month national average rate of 0.40% as reported by

The second best 6 month rate on our list is from Discover Bank. The bank is offering 6 month interest rates at 0.90% with an APY of 0.90%. Discover's rate is also more than double the current national average. has the third best rate. The bank's 6 month rate is 0.85% with an APY of 0.85%. Three banks have the third best rate. Nationwide Bank, Tennessee Commerce Bank and AIG Bank are all offering 6 month rates at 0.80% with an APY 0f 0.80%.

The best 12 month rate on our list is from Tennessee Commerce Bank. The bank is offering 1 year CD rates at 1.29% with an APY 0f 1.30%. The second best 12 month rate is from Union National Bank. 12 month rates at the bank are 1.22% with an APY of 1.23%. 

Bank of Internet USA has the third highest rate at 1.20% with an APY of 1.21%. The fourth best rate is from Ally Bank, Discover Bank and Nationwide Bank. All three banks are offering 1 year rates at 1.19% with an APY of 1.20%.

Find the best CD rates at banks in your state by using the rate tables
Author: Lisa Graham
May 6th, 2011