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Tennessee Commerce Bank (TCB) Special CD Rates

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Tennessee Commerce Bank (TCB) based in Franklin, Tennessee, is advertising special certificates of deposit that have some very competitive CD rates current available in Tennessee or any other state.

TCB's special certificates of deposit range in terms of 6 months to 3 years. TCB's advertised CD rates are for regular certificates of deposit and Individual Retirement Account (IRA) certificates of deposit.

Tennessee Commerce Bank (TCB) Special CD Rates: 

  • 6 Month CD  Rates .80%  APY 0.80

  • 12 Month CD Rates 1.14% rate APY 1.15%

  • 18 Month CD Rates 1.39% APY 1.40%

  • 24 Month CD Rates 1.59% rate 1.60% APY

  • 36 Month CD Rates 1.98 APY 2.00% 

All certificate of deposit accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation for up to $250,000. For more information about Tennessee Commerce Bank (TCB) Special CD Rates go to
Author: Brian McKay
September 10th, 2010