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Short Term CD Yields in New York, New York

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Bank of Internet USA has the highest short term 6 month CD rate on our list in New York, New York. Bank of Internet’s current 6 month CD rate is 1.10 percent with a 6 month CD yield of 1.11 percent. Bank of Internet’s current 6 month bank CD interest rate is considerably higher than the current national average 6 month CD rate of 0.437 percent.  

The second highest 6 month rate in New York, NY is from Ally Bank. Ally is currently offering 6 month CD rates at 1.04 percent with a bank CD yield of 1.04 percent. Ally's interest rate is more than double the current average rate.

Eastbank has the third highest 6 month New York CD rate. Eastbank is offering 6 month CD interest rates at 1.01 percent with a CD interest yield of 1.01 percent. Eastbank is a small bank in Chinatown, NYC.

Discover Bank has the fourth best 6 month interest rate in NYC. Discover's current rate and yield on 6 month certificates of deposit is 1.00 percent. The first credit union on our list, Bay Ridge Federal Credit Union, is also offering 6 month rates and yields at 1.00 percent.

New York, New York Short Term CD Interest Rates 

Bank of Internet USA 1.11% Min $1000 
Ally Bank 1.04% Min $ 1 
Eastbank 1.01% Min $2500 
Discover Bank 1.00% Min $2500 
Bay Ridge Federal Credit Union 1.00% Min $2500 0.96% Min $2500 
First Central Savings Bank 0.95% Min $500 
Nationwide Bank 0.90% Min  $10,000 
Marathon National Bank 0.85% Min $1000 
AIG Bank 0.80% Min $2500 
Brooklyn FSB 0.80% Min $1000 
Flatbush Federal S&L 0.76% Min $500 
Pentagon Federal Credit Union 0.75% Min$1000
ING DIRECT 0.75% Min $ 1 
First Internet Bank of IN 0.75% Min $1000 
EverBank 0.75% Min $1500 
Ponce de Leon FSB 0.75% Min $500
Author: Jason P. Jones
January 11th, 2011