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Online CD Rate Promo

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online-cd-rate-promoOneWest Bank of Pasadena, CA is offering a special online promotional 18 month CD rate that currently has an annual percentage rate (APR) of 2.57 percent with an annual yield (APY) of 2.60 percent. One of the best CD rates around today.

OneWest Bank was formerly IndyMac Bank, then IndyMac Federal Bank when the bank went into receivership.

The 2.60 percent yield is well above the national average for 18-month certificate of deposit rates. OneWest bank is offering one of the highest CD rates for an 18-month CD.

I wonder if the American Bankers Association will be upset about this rate and write FDIC’s Chairwoman, Sheila Bair a letter complaining about it, which the ABA just did about Ally Bank's CD rates. Succesfully presuring Ally Bank to lower the rates they are paying on their certificates of deposit.

The 18-month CD rate is just above one percent higher than the nation average for a 18-month CD. The national average is currently 1.529 percent. OneWest Bank's other CD rates are market competitive, currently their 5-year CD has a 3.25 APY, 4-year CD has a 3.00 APY, 3-year CD has a 2.80 APY, 2-year CD and 12-month CD have a 2.25 APY.

OneWest Bank's shorter term CD rates are also very competitive, their 9-month CD currently has a 2.00 APY, 6-month CD has a 1.35 APY and their 3-month CD has a 1.15 APY.
Author: Brian McKay
June 6th, 2009