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Nexity Bank 6 month CD Rate

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Nexity Bank of Birmingham Alabama is offering one of the best cd rates for a 6 month CD, the current annual percentage rate (APR) is 2.51%, well above the national average for a 6 month CD. The minimum deposit to open a certificate of deposit is $1,000.

Nexity Bank, a subsidiary of Nexity Financial, was incorporated in Deleware on March 12, 1999 and has had a presence on the Internet since 2000.  The bank has offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Columbia, South Carolina, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The Bank also offers competitive CD rates for IRA CDs, Roth IRA CDs and non-personal CDs.

Certificate of Deposit accounts can be open online or by mail.

Author: Jason P. Jones
March 5th, 2009