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Mutual Bank CD Rates

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mutual-bank-cd-ratesMutual Bank of Harvey, Illinois is offering two promotional CD rates. The first promo CD rate is for a 16 month CD, the current annual percentage yield is 2.46 percent. The second promo CD rate is for a 36 month CD, with a current annual percentage yield of 2.63 percent.

These rates are for a regular certificate of deposit or an individual retirement account (IRA) certificate of deposit. The minimum opening deposit for both types of certificate of deposit accounts is $2,500.

To open an account with Mutual Bank you will have to print the application and mail it to them. You can also open a CD account at one of their branch locations in New York, New Jersey, Texas and Illinois. Mutual Bank has been around since the early 1960's. Their Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) CERT is 18659.
Author: Jason P. Jones
June 28th, 2009