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Manville Area Federal Credit Union CD Interest Rates

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Manville Area Federal Credit Union (MAFCU), headquartered in Manville, New Jersey, is advertising short term CD ratesthat are very competitive and beat the national average CD rates. Manville Area Federal Credit Unoin is advertising four fixed credit union CD rates and one variable credit union CD rate. 

Fixed CD rates are advertised in terms of 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months. The minimum opening deposit for a fixed certificate of deposit is $1,000. The variable rate certificate of deposit requires a minimum opening deposit of $3,000.  

Just like all certificate of deposit rates at banks and credit unions Manville Area FCU's CD rates have gone down since we first reported on the credit union's CD rates in 2010.

Fixed CD Rates and CD Yields Manville Area Credit Union 

  • 3 month CD Rates 0.50% APY 0.51

  • 6 month CD Rates 0.60% APY 0.61%

  • 9 month CD Rates 0.70% APY 0.71%

  • 12 month CD Rates 0.80% APY 0.81

 Variable CD Rate and Yield Manville Area Credit Union

  • 12 month CD Rate 0.60% CD Yield 0.60%



Author: Brian McKay
January 9th, 2011