Hudson City Savings Bank CD Rates: 3 Month CD Rate 0.75%

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Hudson City Savings Bank, a small Northeast bank, is offering some of the highest CD rates available right now. Hudson City Savings Bank's short term certificates of deposit are the best bang for your buck. Current 3 month bank CD rates are at 0.75% with a CD yield of .075%. That rate is three times the national average 3 month CD rate of 0.24% as reported by That rate is probably also one of the best 3 month CD rates at banks available these days.

We first reported on Hudson City Savings Bank's CD rates back in 2008, you can eat your heart out looking at CD rates from back then. One day CD rates will head back up to the levels of a few years ago.

Other short term certificate of deposit rates that have the same rate and yield as the bank's 3 month CD include 4 month, 5 month, 6 month, 7 month and 9 month CDs. 12 month and 13 month CD interest rates are at 0.98% with a CD yield of 1.00%.

Longer term CD rates are competitive with other banks. 24 month CD rates and 30 month CD rates are at 1.47% with a yield of 1.50%. 3 year rates are at 1.71% with a yield of 1.75%. 4 year rates are at 2.20% with a yield of 2.25%. 5 year rates are at 2.44% with a yield of 2.50%.

These rates are available to New Jersey, New York and Connecticut residents. The minimum opening deposit is $500.

You can open a certificate of deposit account at the bank here: Hudson City Savings Bank CD Application.
Author: Robert Till
July 16th, 2011