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HSBC Advance CD Rates

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HSBC  Advance, formerly known has HSBC Direct is offering certificates of deposits that have terms between 6 months and  4 years. The best CD rate (deal) is their 12 month certificate of deposit rate. The bank's 12 month CD rate and annual percentage yield is currently at 1.01 percent.

The bank's other certificate of deposit rates are not the highest CD rates around but the rates are still competitive.

HSBC Advance CD account features:

  • No risk.

  • Low early withdraw penalty, only 30 days’ simple interest.

  • You can open and manage a CD account online.

  • CD accounts are insured for up to $250,000 by the FDIC.

Here is a full list of HSBC Advance certificates of deposit and the annual percentage yields.

  • 6 months CD 0.40% APY

  • 9 months CD 0.50% APY

  • 12 months CD 1.01% APY

  • 18 months CD 1.01% APY

  • 24 months CD 1.10% APY

  • 30 months CD 1.10% APY

  • 36 months CD 1.60% APY

  • 48 months CD 2.00% APY

HSBC Advance CD Rates : HSBC CD Rates
Author: Brian McKay
March 10th, 2010