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Highest Milwaukee CD Rates – Best 3 Month CD at 0.71%

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A weak jobs report released today showed only 54,000 new jobs were created in May. This is the latest bad economic news to be released that points to an economy in trouble. A slowing economy will keep CD rates low for the foreseeable future. Right now on our Milwaukee, Wisconsin CD rates list E-Loan has the highest CD rate.

The current 3 month certificate of deposit rate from E-Loan is at 0.71% with a CD yield of 0.71%.  You're probably better off investing in short term CD rates right now and this is one of the best CD rates at banks for a 3 month CD. If and when bank CD rates do go higher ride the interest rate wave higher by being more liquid in short term certificates of deposit.

Find the best CD rates at banks and credit unions by searching our CD interest rates list at Local banks and credit unions will be listed in your area with the highest CD rates.

The second highest CD rate on our list in Milwaukee, WI, is from Tennessee Commerce Bank (TCB). TCB's current 3 month  bank CD rate is 0.55% with a CD interest yield of 0.55%.

The third highest interest rate on our 3 month list of certificate of deposit rates in Milwaukee is from Discover Bank and Nationwide Bank. Both banks are offering 90 day CD rates at 0.50% with a yield of 0.50%.

The fourth best CD rate on our list is from the former GMAC Bank, Ally Bank. The current 3 month CD rate from Ally Bank is 0.49% with a bank CD yield of 0.49%.

Rounding out the top 5 CD rates are three different banks' rate. First Internet Bank of IN, and EverBank are all offering 3 month interest rates at 0.45% with a yield of 0.45%.

The top 5 best CD rates in Milwaukee are all above the current national average 3 month CD rate of 0.251% as reported by
Author: Jason P. Jones
June 3rd, 2011