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Higher Jumbo CD Rates at Luana Savings Bank

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Luana Savings Bank recently made more changes to their jumbo certificate of deposit rates. The bank has been very active in changing their rates over the past several months. Prior to today's change, the most recent change was two weeks ago on the bank's 18 month jumbo CD.

This time rates were increased on the bank's intermediate and long term CDs. The new current rates are listed below.


BankProductRate (New / Old)Yield (New / Old)
Luana Savings Bank2.5 Yr Jumbo CD Rate1.1 / 1.051.1 / 1.05
Luana Savings Bank5 Yr Jumbo CD Rate1.6 / 1.551.61 / 1.56
Luana Savings Bank3 Yr Jumbo CD Rate1.25 / 1.21.26 / 1.2
Luana Savings Bank4 Yr Jumbo CD Rate1.5 / 1.41.51 / 1.41

Author: Brian McKay
November 4th, 2015