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Giantbank.com Increases Short Term CD Rates

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Short term CD rates at giantbank.com were recently increased. The largest increases were 20 basis points on Giantbank.com's 3 month jumbo certificate of deposit and 15 basis points on regular 3 month CDs. The rest of the increases were 10 basis points.

All of the recent rate changes are listed below. You can compare these short term CD rates with rates offered by other banks at MonitorBankRates.com.

CD Rate Increases At Giantbank.com

BankProductRate (New / Old)Yield (New / Old)
giantbank.com3 month CD0.40 / 0.250.40 / 0.25
giantbank.com6 month CD0.85 / 0.750.85 / 0.75
giantbank.com1 yr CD1.15 / 1.051.16 / 1.06
giantbank.com3 month jumbo CD0.40 / 0.200.40 / 0.20
giantbank.com6 month jumbo CD0.85 / 0.750.85 / 0.75
giantbank.com1 yr jumbo CD1.15 / 1.051.16 / 1.06
giantbank.com9 month CD0.90 / 0.800.90 / 0.80
giantbank.com9 month jumbo CD0.90 / 0.800.90 / 0.80

Below is a complete list of giantbank.com CD rates

91 day0.400.40
182 day0.850.85
9 month0.900.90
12 month1.151.16
24 month1.251.26
36 month1.451.46
60 month1.751.76

Online banks like giantbank.com are able to offer better CD rates than traditional brick and mortar banks because of lower overhead costs. The bank does not except brokered funds. According to the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 12, Volume 4, revised as of January 1, 2009, Part 337, Section 337.6 (a)(2), the definition of broker funds is as follows:

Brokered deposit means any deposit that is obtained, directly or indirectly, from or through the mediation or assistance of a deposit broker.

Some of the benefits to opening an online certificate of deposit at giantbank.com include the following.

  • $2,500 minimum deposit ($1,000 for an IRA, $500 for a Coverdell Education Savings Account).
  • CD accounts are available in terms of 3, 6, 9, 12, 24, 36 and 60 months. IRA CDs are available in terms of 12, 24, 36 & 60 months.
  • You can view your entire account history online.
  • CD interested earned can be transferred to your giant Checking or giant Money Market Account, or have your interest check mailed to you.



Author: Brian McKay
March 7th, 2016