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First Command Bank 12 month CD Rate

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First Command Bank is offering one of the best CD rates for a 12 month CD, the CD rate for balances  $10,000 and up is 3.93% and the APY is 4.00%. Balances under $10,000 receive an interest rate of 3.90% and a yield of 3.95%.

First Command Bank's parent company is First Command Financial services based in Fort Worth Texas. First Command Bank is also a member of the FDIC, deposits on individual accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000.

In addition to offering traditional banking services like deposit accounts, bank loans and credit cards First Command Bank also offer financial planning for military personal, government employees and the general public.

FCB also offers IRA-CDs which offer the security and predictability of a Certificate of Deposit plus the tax benefits of an Individual Retirement Account. IRA certificate of deposit contributions may be tax-deductible in the tax year for which they're made, and earnings are tax-deferred until they're withdrawn. The rates on IRA-CDs are tired and are the same as the traditional certificate of deposits offered above.

First Command Bank Certificate of Deposit Appication

Update: This promo CD rate has changed since this posting. Please check First Command's website for more current rates.
Author: Lisa Graham
January 18th, 2009