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eBank 1 Year Certificate of Deposit Rate

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eBank is offering a 1 year Certificate of deposit (CD) that currently has a 3.50% annual percentage yield. The minimum deposit is $1,000. One of the interesting benefits of the CD account is you can do an early withdrawal for up to $10,000 without paying a penalty if money is for a medical emergency.

eBank is also offering a business certificate of deposit with the same yield (3.50%) as a personal CD. The minimum deposit is $1,000 and there is a penalty for an early withdrawal

ebank, a subsidiary of ebank Financial Services, Inc., is a federal savings bank that provides a full range of banking, mortgage, and financial products and services to individuals and small businesses.

CD accounts can be opened online or by fax/mail

eBank Personal Certificate of Deposit Application

eBank Business Certificate of Deposit Application

eBank can be contacted at:
2410 Paces Ferry Road
Suite 190 
Atlanta, GA 30339
888-278-9898 (toll free)
Author: Lisa Graham
January 1st, 2009