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LinkedIn is 0ffering some very competitive CD rates that are higher than the national average CD rates. E-loan is offering certificates of deposit with terms ranging between 1 month and 72 months. E-Loan's CD rates are tiered and the minimum opening certificate of deposit balance is $10,000.and minimum balance requirement to earn the CD rate and yield is $10,000. E-Loan’s tiered CD interest rates currently earn the same CD rate and CD yield regardless of the certificate of deposit account balance.

E-loan's 1 month certificate of deposit currently has a bank CD rate of 0.25 percent and a bank CD yield of 0.25 percent. 2 month CD rates are higher at 0.30 percent with a CD yield of 0.30 percent.

Longer term certificates of deposit rates are better than the national average rates. E-loan's current 12 month CD interest rate is 0.85 percent with a CD yield of 0.85 percent. The current average rate on a 12 month certificate of deposit is 0.69 percent.

E-loan's longest term certificate of deposit, their 6 year CD, current has an interest rate of 2.37 percent with a yield of 2.40 percent. At this time we wouldn't recommend investing in a long term certificate of deposit of 6 years since rates are so low right now and will eventually head higher. CD Rates and APY

  • 1 Month CD 0.25% Rate 0.25% APY

  • 2 Month CD 0.30% Rate 0.30% APY

  • 3 Month CD 0.40% Rate 0.40% APY

  • 6 Month CD 0.55% Rate 0.55% APY

  • 9 Month CD 0.65% Rate 0.65% APY

  • 1 Year CD 0.85% Rate 0.85% APY

  • 18 Month CD 1.14% Rate 1.15% APY

  • 2 Year CD 1.39% Rate 1.40% APY

  • 3 Year CD 1.59% Rate 1.60% APY

  • 4 Year CD 1.88% Rate 1.90% APY

  • 5 Year CD 2.23% Rate 2.25% APY

  • 6 Year CD 2.37% Rate 2.40% APY also advertises savings account rates that have competitive interest rates. Certificate of deposit rates and yields change constantly, visit for a list of current interest rates.
Author: Brian McKay
October 25th, 2010