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CD Rates U.S. Bank

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U.S. Bank, of Minneapolis, MN, is advertising special online certificate of deposit rates. The online certificate of deposit terms are available for 19 month CDs, 37 month CDsand 59 month CDs.

The CD interest rates are for personal certificates of deposit and small business certificates of deposit. The minimum opening deposit for both accounts is  $1,000.

U.S. Bank’s 19 month bank CD rate is at 1.14 percent with a bank CD yield of 1.15 percent. 19 month CD rates at U.S. Bank are higher than the current national average 18 month CD rate of .077 percent.

U.S. Bank CD Rates

  • 19 Month 1.14% Yield 1.15%

  • 37 month 1.69% Yield 1.70%

  • 59 month 2.47% Yield 2.50%

Certificates of deposit at U.S. Bank are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
Author: Brian McKay
February 9th, 2011