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CD Ladder Calculator has just released a new CD ladder calculator. The calculator can help you figure out the return you will receive on a certificate of deposit ladder (CD ladder).

Just enter the total dollar amount you plan to invest, the dollar amount to invest in each CD, how frequently you want the CDs to mature, how interest is compounded, the CD interest rates (up to 5 CDs) and calculate.

The calculator will also compute how much more you will earn laddering a CD then investing in a single CD. To show you how laddering a CD pays-off we calculated $100,000 invested in a 15 month CD ladder would pay $540.37 more then investing in a single 15 month CD. Results will vary depending on the CD terms and interest rate.

The calculator can be found under the calculators tab of MBR and on the main page of the website.
Author: Brian McKay
January 7th, 2009