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Capital Federal Bank CD Rates

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Capital Federal Bank of Topeka Kansas is offering some of the best bank CD rates available today. In particular, their two-year certificate of deposit rate is currently at 2.57 percent with an annual percentage yield of 2.60 percent, well above the national average CD rate for a two-year CD.

Capital Federal's one-year certificate of deposit is also well above the national average and one of the best CD rates available for a one-year CD. The rate is currently at 2.18 percent with an annual percentage yield of 2.20 percent.

Longer term CD rates at Capital Federal are also some of the highest CD rates out there today, three-year CD rates are currently over 3.00 percent at 3.05 percent. You have to go out as far as 5-year certificate of deposits to get a rate over 3.00 percent at some banks.

Four-year, five-year and eight-year certificate of deposit rates are currently at 3.10 percent with an annual percentage yield of 3.15 percent, though we wouldn't recommend locking in longer term CD rates at any bank these days since rates and yields are so low.

To earn these rates the minimum account balance on all these certificate of deposit terms $1,000.
Author: Brian McKay
July 12th, 2009