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American Express CD Rates

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american-express-cd-ratesThe credit card company, American Express, is offering certificate of deposits through their banking arm, American Express Bank a federal savings bank.

Some of the CD rates being offered are above the national average while some are below the national average for the same CD rate products. American Express became a bank holding company during the credit crises last fall to be able to collect deposits.

As of July 16, 2009 their three-month bank CD rates are yielding .60 percent, below the national average rate of 0.725 this week. American Express Bank 6 month CD yield is at 1.00 percent, just below the national average six-month CD rate of 1.018 percent.

The bank's longer term certificate of deposit rates are above the national average rate. Currently their 12 month certificate of deposit APY is 1.75 percent, the national average this week is 1.308 percent. The 18-month CD rate is at 2.15 percent, above the national average CD rate of 1.447 percent.

Amex Bank's 24-month certificate currently has an APY of 2.25 percent, above the national average rate of 1.709 percent. 36-month CD yields are at 2.75 percent, well above the national CD rate of 1.990 percent.

48-month certificate of deposit yields are at 3.00 percent, while the national average rate for a 48-month  CD is at 2.207 percent. 60-month CD yields are at 3.25 percent, above the average rate of 2.457 percent.

The certificate of deposits are FDIC insured. American Express Bank's FDIC Cert number is 35328.
Author: Brian McKay
July 18th, 2009