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Alabama Central Credit Union Current CD Rates

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Alabama Central Credit Union is still advertising some of the highest CD rates currently available. Alabama Central recently lowered thier CD rates, some rates were lowered as much as .30 percent. Their new lower CD rates are still very competitive. CU's Certificate of deposit terms range between 6 months to 60 months for both regular certificates of deposit and IRA certificates of deposit. The minimum opening account balance for regular certificate accounts is $500. IRA certificate accounts have a $250 minimum opening deposit.

Searching for the highest CD Rates at banks and credit unions? Use our CD rate tables at to find the highest CD rates in your area.

Alabama Central Credit Union’s 12 month certificate of deposit annual percentage rate (APR) is currently at 1.656% and the annual percentage yield (APY) is 1.75%.

The 12 month CD rate and CD yield isn’t the highest CD rate and yield around but it beats the national average by 0.65%. The 12 month jumbo CD rate is higher, the credit union is advertising a 12 month jumbo CD rate of 1.893% with an APY of 2.00%.

Here are current CD rates and CD yields at ACCU:

  • 6 Month CD 0.71% APR 0.75% APY

  • 1 Year CD 1.37% APR 1.450% APY

  • 2 Year CD 1.60% APR 1.70% APY

  • 3 Year CD 1.84% APR 1.95% APY

  • 4 Year CD 2.03% APR 2.15% APY

Here are current IRA CD rates and CD yields at ACCU:

  • 6 Months CD 0.94% APR 1.00% APY

  • 1 Year CD 1.37% APR 1.450% APY

  • 2 Year CD 1.60% APR 1.70% APY

  • 3 Year CD 1.84% APR 1.95% APY

  • 4 year CD 2.03% APR 2.15% APY

As with any credit union you’ll have to join Alabama Central to open a certificate of deposit account. For more information about joining and a list of their current CD interest rates go to
Author: Brian McKay
May 24th, 2010