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Vio Bank CD Rates – Lowered

Vio Bank CD Rates - LoweredVio Bank CD rates were recently lowered but are still competitive for online rates and still well above traditional brick and mortar bank CD rates. 1 year CD rates at Vio Bank were lowered to 1.69 percent with an APY of 1.70 percent, down from 1.74 percent with an APY of 1.75 percent. 2 year CD rates from Vio were decreased to 1.79 percent with an APY of 1.80 percent, down from 1.83 percent with an APY of 1.85 percent. CD rates were lowered 5 basis points for all other CD terms at Vio Bank. Below are the current CD rates Vio Bank is offering:

  • 1 year 1.70%

  • 2 year 1.80%

  • 3 year 1.85%

  • 4 year 1.90%

  • 5 year 1.95%

To get the best deal on a certificate of deposit, compare other online CD rates compare with Vio Bank CD rates.

Author: Brian McKay
September 4th, 2019