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Luana Savings Bank Rates and Reviews

Luana Savings Bank Rates and ReviewsLuana Savings Bank CD rates were recently decreased but are still some of the best CD rates available today. Luana Savings Bank is headquarted in Luana, Iowa, with five brick and mortar branches, soon to be six. The largest decreases in CD rates from Luana Savings Bank was by 25 basis points on 3 year and 5 year certificates of deposit.

3 year CD rates from Luana Savings Bank were lowered to 2.37 percent from 2.62 percent. 5 year CD rates from Luana Savings Bank are at 2.42 percent, down from 2.67 percent. 30 month CD rates at Luana Savings are at 2.32 percent, down from 2.52 percent.

Shorter term CD rates from Luana Savings were lowered by less. 2 year CD rates from Luana Savings are now at 2.27 percent, down 15 basis points from 2.42 percent. 1 year CD rates at Luana are now at 2.16 percent, down from 2.26 percent. 6 month CD rates were lowered 5 basis points to 1.96 percent and 3 month CD rates were also lowered 5 basis points to 1.76 percent.

Luana Savings Bank History and Banking Information

Luana Savings Bank was founded in 1908 and has been in business for over a 100 years. The bank is the 15th largest bank in Iowa with $1.11 billion in assets and 79 employees.

  • 2.04% Return on Assets

  • 22.07% Return on Equity

  • >$1.15 Billion of Loans Serviced

  • Top 100 Farm Lenders Nationally as reported by American Banker's Association

  • Top 1% of Most Efficient Banks Nationally (as ranked by Bauer Financial)

  • Consistently one of the best performing Community Banks and offering the highest tier of deposit APY's nationwide.

  • Luana Savings Bank is categorized as "well capitalized."

Besides offering some of the highest CD rates around Luana also offers agricultural Lending, 1-4 Family & Multi-Family Lending, and Consumer Lending.

Luana Savings Bank Branch Locations

  • Luana, Iowa (Main Branch)

  • Ossian, Iowa

  • New Hampton, Iowa

  • Polk City, Iowa

  • Clive, Iowa

  • Coming Soon - Norwalk, Iowa

To get the best deal on your CD investment compare other bank CD rates with Luana Savings Bank CD rates.
Author: Brian McKay
January 4th, 2019