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Salem, Massachusetts 01970

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Salem Five

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Website: https://www.salemfive.com/personal/banking
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Salem Five IRA CD Rates

Product APY Rate Min. Deposit
3 yr IRA CD 2.000% 1.980% $2,000.00
18 month IRA CD 1.500% 1.490% $2,000.00
Rates Updated: 09/18/2017

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Salem Five 5 Year CD Rates now at 1.98%
Salem Five 5 Year CD rates are now at 1.98 percent with a yield of 2.00 percent. View current 5 Year CD rates at Salem Five below.     Read more...
Seven Banks Changed CD Rates in the Past Day

Seven different Banks changed CD rates the past day. The CD rate changes were to both short term and long term certificates of deposit. You can see how these new CD rates compare with other bank's rates for similar CD terms at MonitorBankRates.com.

BankProductRate (New / Old)Yield (New / Old)
Astoria Bank5 yr CD1.39 / 1.491.40 / 1.50
Astoria Bank18 month CD0.55 / 0.650.55 / 0.65
Astoria Bank4 yr CD1.14 / 1.291.15 / 1.30
MyCBB6 month CD0.86 / 0.850.86 / 0.85
Synchrony Bank5 yr CD2.22 / 2.232.25 / 2.25
Synchrony Bank5 yr jumbo CD2.22 / 2.232.25 / 2.25
5 Star Bank6 month CD0.45 / 0.500.45 / 0.50
5 Star Bank6 month $25K CD0.45 / 0.500.45 / 0.50
5 Star Bank6 month $50K CD0.45 / 0.500.45 / 0.50
Astoria Bank2 yr CD0.75 / 0.850.75 / 0.85
Astoria Bank3 yr CD0.95 / 1.040.95 / 1.05
Luana Savings Bank6 month jumbo CD0.50 / 0.550.50 / 0.55
Luana Savings Bank1 yr jumbo CD0.65 / 0.700.65 / 0.70
Luana Savings Bank2.5 yr jumbo CD1.15 / 1.21.15 / 1.2
Luana Savings Bank5 yr jumbo CD1.6 / 1.651.61 / 1.66
Luana Savings Bank6 month $50K CD0.45 / 0.500.45 / 0.50
Luana Savings Bank18 month IRA CD1.00 / 1.051.00/ 1.05
Luana Savings Bank18 month jumbo CD0.90 / 0.950.90 / 0.95
Luana Savings Bank3 yr jumbo CD1.25 / 1.301.25 / 1.31
Luana Savings Bank18 month jumbo IRA CD1.00 / 1.051.00 / 1.05
Luana Savings Bank4 yr jumbo CD1.5 / 1.551.51 / 1.56
Salem Five1 yr CD0.7 / 0.80.7 / 0.8
Bank CD Rates Report May 21, 2015
Another quiet week for CD rates, no big change in rates for short term or long term certificate of deposits. We don't expect any major changes in CD rates until the Federal Open Market Committee meets next month. If the FOMC does increase the federal funds rate, banks will follow with higher deposit rates.     Read more...
CD Rate Report May 12, 2015
Listed below are this week's CD rates for certificate of deposit terms ranging between 1 month and 5 years. There have been slight functions in rates offered by banks and credit unions this week. We will have to wait until the FOMC increases the fed funds rate for bigger changes in rates. Also listed below are this week's average CD rates, derived from the CD rate database.     Read more...
Top Certificate of Deposit Rates | October 7, 2014
Listed below are the top short term and long term certificate of deposit rates for October 7, 2014:     Read more...
Best CD Rates This Week as Higher Rates Sooner Than Later a Possibility
CD rates were mixed this week as Federal Reserve Chairperson, Janet Yellen, hinted that interest rates could be increased sooner than later. Janet Yellen testified before the Senate Banking Committee recently and basically said if the unemployment rate falls further, the Fed might have to raise rates sooner than thought.     Read more...
Banks Raising CD Rates: Best Rates July 5, 2014
More and more banks are starting to increase the rates they pay on certificates of deposit. The increases are not large or widespread but nonetheless moving higher. Any across the board increase will have to wait until the Federal Reserve Bank increases the federal funds rate. Listed below are the highest CD rates this week for certificates of deposit with terms of 3 months to 5 years.     Read more...
12 Month Bank CD Rates June 6, 2014
The best CD rates available on 12 month certificates of deposit remain the same and average 12 month rate fell this week. The top 1 year CD rate is at 1.09% with an APY of 1.10 percent. The current national average 1 year CD rate fell to 0.88 percent, down from the prior week's average of 0.90 percent.     Read more...
Best CD Rates May 30, 2014: Highest 1 Year Bank CD Rates at 1.10%
Average 1 year bank CD rates are slightly higher this week at 0.90 percent, up from last week's average 1 year CD rate of 0.89 percent. The best 1 year CD rates remain unchanged this week at 1.09 percent with an APY of 1.10 percent. A handful of banks have been upping their short term and long term rates recently, which is welcome news.     Read more...
Highest CD Rates This Week May 23
The best CD rates on 1 year certificates of deposit moved higher since our last report on May 9th. The best 1 year bank CD rate is now at 1.09 percent with an APY of 1.10 percent. The bank offering the best rate right now is GE Capital Retail Bank. The old best rate was slightly lower at 1.06 percent with an APY of 1.07 percent.     Read more...

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Salem Five Cents Savings Bank Financials

Total Assets: $2,920,154,000
Total Deposits: $2,022,665,000
Equity Capital: $263,753,000
Domestic Deposits: $2,022,665,000
Net Income: $7,403,000
Net Income (Quarterly): $7,403,000
Headquarters: Salem
FDIC Field Office: North Boston
Regulator: FDIC
County: Essex
# of Offices: 23
Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA): Boston, MA-NH
Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA): Boston-Worcester-Lawrence, MA-NH-ME-CT
OTS Region: Northeast
FDIC Region: New York
Last Updated: 2011-07-11
Source: FDIC