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Popular Direct CD Rates

Product APY Rate Min. Deposit
3 Month CD from Popular Direct
Popular Direct
3 month CD 2.150% 2.130% $10,000.00
6 Month CD from Popular Direct
Popular Direct
6 month CD 2.450% 2.420% $10,000.00
1 Year CD from Popular Direct
Popular Direct
1 yr CD 2.630% 2.600% $10,000.00
2 Year CD from Popular Direct
Popular Direct
2 yr CD 2.880% 2.840% $10,000.00
3 Year CD from Popular Direct
Popular Direct
3 yr CD 3.100% 3.050% $10,000.00
5 Year CD from Popular Direct
Popular Direct
5 yr CD 3.250% 3.200% $10,000.00
18 Month CD from Popular Direct
Popular Direct
18 month CD 2.780% 2.740% $10,000.00
4 Year CD from Popular Direct
Popular Direct
4 yr CD 3.150% 3.100% $10,000.00
Rates Updated: 03/01/2019

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Online Savings Rates Increase in 2019Online savings rates continue to move higher during the first week of 2019 as several banks increased rates. The best online savings rate for the first week of 2019 goes to CIT Bank with a rate of 2.45 percent on their Savings Builder savings account. The minimum opening deposit is $25,000.     Read more...
Best CD Rates - December 21, 2018
Best CD Rates - December 21, 2019CD rates for December 21, 2018, didn't make new highs but two banks did increase CD rates overnight. The current best 1 year CD rate is still at 2.90 percent from ableBanking. The highest 6 month CD rates are at 2.46 percent from another online bank VirtualBank. The highest 3 month CD rates today are at 2.15 percent from Popular Direct. The two banks that increased their CD rates are Sallie Mae and Bank Direct. Of those CD rate increases, the most notable increases are from Bank Direct which increased CD rates by 49 basis points on all CD terms below 3 years. To get the best CD rates today online search and compare CD rates.     Read more...
Best 12-Month CD Rates - December 2018
Best 12-Month CD Rates - December 2018The best 12 month CD rates in December 2018 are moving higher and might hit 3.00 percent before the end of the year. The bank that currently has the absolute best 12 month CD rates on the rate table now is VirtualBank with a rate of 2.86 percent, only 14 basis points below 3.00 percent. Three other banks have the second best 1-year CD rates for December 2018. Limelight Bank, Live Oak Bank, and Popular Direct are all offering 12 month CD rates at 2.85 percent. Rounding out the top 5 December CD rates is Merrick Bank with 12 month CD rates at 2.84 percent.     Read more...
Money Market Rates in Florida - Best FL Rate Alert
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Popular Direct Best Savings Rates
Popular Direct Savings RatesPopular Direct has one of the best savings rates available from any online bank right now. Savings rates at Popular Direct are currently at 2.36 percent, a  rate is many times the current national average rate. To earn these great savings rates from Popular Direct you will need to deposit a minimum of $5,000 to open an account. See how Popular Direct savings compare with other online bank account rates below.     Read more...
12 Month CD Rates Higher Than Inflation Rate
Twelve month CD rates are now above the current inflation rate and this hasn't been the case for over a decade. This is great news for retirees who can now invest in certificates of deposit and actually make money when inflation is taken into account.     Read more...
All CD Rates Move Higher as Bank CD Rates Increased

Bank CD rates are higher this week as ten different banks increased CD rates on a wide range of CD products. The largest increase was from TAB Bank, which increased their 6 month CD rate by 25 basis to 2.12 percent. TAB now has the second highest 6 month CD rate currently available. The highest 6 month rate is held by My eBanc at 2.20 percent.

Top Money Market Rates at 1.41% This Week
There are new highs for money market rates and savings rates this week. The best variable deposit rate this week is from UFB Direct at 1.40 percent with an annual percentage yield of 1.41 percent. UFB Direct's variable account is actually called a money market savings account. The minimum opening deposit is $5k.     Read more...
Fed Stands Pat on Rates as Online CD Rates March Higher
The Federal Reserve wrapped up their two day meeting yesterday and decided to keep the fed rates unchanged. The Fed was expected to stand pat on rates during the September meeting. Even though the Fed kept rates where they are, online CD rates continue to march higher.     Read more...
CD Rates Continue to Move Higher in September

Keeping with the uptrend in 2017, CD rates continue to move higher in September. In August, the top 1 year CD rate was at 1.55 percent, this month the top 1 year CD rate is at 1.60 percent. Popular Direct, EverBank, and Pacific National Bank are all offering 1 year CD rates at 1.59 percent with a yield of 1.60 percent.

At the beginning of the year, the top 1 year rate was only at 1.35 percent, 25 basis points lower than the current rate. Shorter term CD rates moved higher this year because the Federal Reserve has been increasing the fed funds rate, the rate banks use to lend each other money overnight. These rate increases have put upward pressure on short term interest rates and bond yields.

CD rates with terms shorter than 1 year are also moving higher. The top 3 month CD rate is week is from Luana Savings Bank at 1.05 percent. Last month, the top 3 month CD rate was at 1.00 percent. The top 6 month CD rate this month is at 1.26% from M.Y. Safra Bank, FSB. In August, the top 6 month rate was at 1.21 percent.

CD Yield Curve Flattening

As short term CD rates move higher, longer term rates have been stagnant, increasing a lot less than short term rates, which is flattening the yield curve. The top 2 year CD rate is at 1.71 percent, only 11 basis points higher than the top 1 year rate.

Looking at longer term certificates of deposit, rates are only marginally higher. The top 3 year rate is at 2.00 percent, the top 4 year rate is at 2.16 percent, and the top 5 year rate is at 2.40 percent. The CD yield curve will continue to be flat in the coming years, even if short term rates are pushed higher.


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