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5480 Corporate Drive, Suite 350
Troy, Michigan 48098

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Crestmark Bank CD Rates

Product APY Rate Min. Deposit
6 month CD 1.900% 1.900% $25,000.00
1 yr CD 2.000% 2.000% $25,000.00
9 month CD 1.950% 1.950% $25,000.00

Crestmark Bank Jumbo CD Rates

Product APY Rate Min. Deposit
6 month jumbo CD 1.900% 1.900% $100,000.00
1 yr jumbo CD 2.000% 2.000% $100,000.00
9 month jumbo CD 1.950% 1.950% $100,000.00
Rates Updated: 02/16/2018

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Crestmark Bank Financials

Total Assets: $375,882,000
Total Deposits: $325,499,000
Equity Capital: $45,108,000
Domestic Deposits: $325,499,000
Net Income: $2,520,000
Net Income (Quarterly): $2,520,000
Headquarters: Troy
FDIC Field Office: Detroit
Regulator: FDIC
County: Oakland
# of Offices: 1
Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA): Detroit, MI
Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area (CMSA): Detroit-Ann Arbor-Flint, MI
OTS Region: Central
FDIC Region: Chicago
Last Updated: 2006-11-03
Source: FDIC