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Connexus Credit Union CD Rates

Product APY Rate Min. Deposit
1 yr CD 1.420% 1.410% $5,000.00
2 yr CD 1.600% 1.590% $5,000.00
Rates Updated: 03/23/2017

Articles Related to Connexus Credit Union

Most CD Rate Changes This Past Week Were Higher

Four banks and one credit union changed their CD rates this past week. The good news is most of the CD rate changes were higher, despite the fact that the Fed didn't increase the fed funds rate. 24 CD rate changes were made last week and only two CD rates were lowered, both from Connexus Credit Union.

You can see how the CD rates listed below compare with other rates available by searching our database of CD rates at MonitorBankRates.com.


ProductRate (new / old)Yield (new / old)
Connexus Credit Union2 yr CD1.49 / 1.521.5 / 1.53
E-Loan1 yr CD1.29 / 1.251.3 / 1.26
E-Loan2 yr CD1.54 / 1.491.55 / 1.5
E-Loan3 yr CD1.59 / 1.541.6 / 1.55
E-Loan1 yr jumbo CD1.29 / 1.251.3 / 1.26
E-Loan2 yr jumbo CD1.54 / 1.491.55 / 1.5
E-Loan3 yr jumbo CD1.59 / 1.541.6 / 1.55
EverBank3 yr CD1.59 / 1.51.6 / 1.51
EverBank5 yr CD1.89 / 1.841.91 / 1.86
EverBank5 yr jumbo CD1.89 / 1.841.91 / 1.86
EverBank3 yr jumbo CD1.59 / 1.51.6 / 1.51
EverBank4 yr CD1.76 / 1.741.78 / 1.76
EverBank4 yr jumbo CD1.76 / 1.741.78 / 1.76
Connexus Credit Union1 yr CD1.29 / 1.321.3 / 1.33
Popular Direct1 yr CD1.29 / 1.251.3 / 1.26
Popular Direct2 yr CD1.54 / 1.491.55 / 1.5
Popular Direct3 yr CD1.59 / 1.541.6 / 1.55
Luana Savings Bank2.5 yr jumbo CD1.15 / 1.11.15 / 1.1
Luana Savings Bank18 month IRA CD0.9 / 0.850.9 / 0.85
Luana Savings Bank18 month jumbo CD0.95 / 0.90.95 / 0.9
Luana Savings Bank3 yr jumbo CD1.25 / 1.21.25 / 1.2
Luana Savings Bank18 month jumbo IRA CD0.9 / 0.850.9 / 0.85
Luana Savings Bank4 yr jumbo CD1.4 / 1.351.41 / 1.36
1.35% APY - New Highest 1 Year CD Rate in our Database

We have a new best 1 year CD rate in our database. Colorado Federal Savings Bank recently increased their 1 year rate and now has the highest 1 year CD rate at 1.34 percent with a yield of 1.35 percent. Connexus Credit Union had the top 1 year rate at 1.32 percent with a yield of 1.33 percent. You can view a complete list of 1 year CD rates in our database below.

Current 1 Year CD Rates

  • Colorado Rate FSB Rate 1.34% Yield 1.35%
  • Connexus Credit Union Rate 1.32% Yield 1.33%
  • Live Oak Bank Rate 1.29% Yield 1.30%
  • AloStar Bank of Commerce Rate 1.25% Yield 1.26%
  • California First National Bank Rate 1.25% Yield 1.26%
  • My e-BAnC by BAC Florida Bank Rate 1.25% Yield 1.26%
  • Synchrony Bank Rate 1.24% Yield 1.25%
  • Bank Direct Rate 1.24% Yield 1.25%
  • Sallie Mae Rate 1.24% Yield 1.25%
  • iGObanking.com Rate 1.24% Yield 1.25%
  • CIT Bank Rate 1.22% Yield 1.23%
  • First Internet Bank of Indiana Rate 1.20% Yield 1.21%
Rate Changes at Colorado FSB - New Top 1 Year CD Rate at 1.35% APY

Financial institutions continue to increase CD rates ahead of the next Fed meeting in December. For the second time in a week, we have a new high  for a 1 year CD rate in our database. The new top rate is offered by Colorado Federal Savings Bank at 1.34 percent with an APY of 1.35 percent.

Just this past week, Connexus Credit Union held the top spot by increasing their CD Rate to 1.32 percent with an APY of 1.33 percent. It will be interesting to see if other banks increase their rates in the coming days, particularly banks that usually offer the highest rate. Listed below are Colorado FSB's new CD rates.

New CD Rates at Colorado FSB

AdvertiserProductRate (New / Old)Yield (New / Old)
Colorado Federal Savings Bank1 yr CD1.34 / 1.191.35 / 1.20
Colorado Federal Savings Bank3 yr CD1.58 / 1.391.59 / 1.40
Colorado Federal Savings Bank5 yr CD2.13 / 1.492.15 / 1.50
Colorado Federal Savings Bank18 month CD1.39 / 1.041.4 / 1.05
1.33% APY - New Top 1 Year Top CD Rate in the Database

There is a new top rate in our 1 year CD rate database. Connexus Credit Union is now offering 1 year certificate rates at 1.32 percent with an APY of 1.33 percent. As with any credit union, you are required to join Connexus CU to open a certificate account and you must meet eligibility requirements or to make a one-time $5 donation to Connexus Association, which will in turn make you a member of the credit union.

If you're not eligible or you don't want to join Connexus, there are two online banks in our database offering 1 year rates only 3 basis points lower than Connexus' rate. CIT Bank and E-Loan are both offering 1 year rates at 1.29 percent with an APY of 1.30 percent.

Listed below are the highest 1 year CD rates for October 28, 2015.

1 Year CD Rates

  •  Connexus Credit Union 1.32% Yield 1.33%
  • CIT Bank 1.29% Yield 1.30%
  • E-Loan 1.29% Yield 1.30%
  • Synchrony Bank 1.24% Yield 1.25%
  • Sallie Mae 1.24% Yield 1.25%
  • iGObanking.com 1.24% Yield 1.25%
  • California First National Bank 1.21% Yield 1.22%
  • Bank Direct 1.20% Yield 1.21%
  • AloStar Bank of Commerce 1.20% Yield 1.21%
  • My e-BAnC by BAC Florida Bank 1.20% Yield 1.21%
  • Pentagon Federal Credit Union 1.20% Yield 1.21%
  • Colorado Federal Savings Bank 1.19% Yield 1.20%

You can check on CD rates for all certificate of deposit terms by searching our database at MonitorBankRates.com/CDRates.

CD Rate Report May 12, 2015
Listed below are this week's CD rates for certificate of deposit terms ranging between 1 month and 5 years. There have been slight functions in rates offered by banks and credit unions this week. We will have to wait until the FOMC increases the fed funds rate for bigger changes in rates. Also listed below are this week's average CD rates, derived from the CD rate database.     Read more...
Live Oak Bank Tops our 1 Year CD Rate List at 1.40 Percent
We have a new leader in our 1 year certificate of deposit rate database. 1 year CD rates at Live Oak Bank were increased to 1.40 percent with an APY of 1.40 percent. The old highest CD rate was from a credit union at 1.30 percent with an APY of 1.31 percent.     Read more...
Current CD Rates, the Calm Before the Storm
The next few months will be the calm before the storm regarding CD rates. Banks and credit unions will keep CD rates near current levels until the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) increases the federal funds rate. Our money is on the FOMC increasing the fed funds rate in the June meeting.     Read more...
Synchrony Bank Increases 1 Year CD Rates to 1.23%
Synchrony Bank has increased their 1 year rates and now the bank has the second best 1 year bank CD rate on our list. The new 1 year CD rate at Synchrony Bank is at 1.22 percent with an APY of 1.23 percent. The old rate was at 1.19 percent with an APY of 1.20 percent.     Read more...
CD Rates at Banks and Credit Unions March 24, 2015
There were no big moves in CD rates week over week, though that will change in the coming months. Last week the FOMC held their two day meeting and released statements pointing to a possible fed funds rate hike in June or September.     Read more...
CD Rate Report March 16, 2015
Certificate of deposit rates are stable this week, no major changes in either average CD rates or the highest CD rates available. Rates are expected to move higher in the near future, when the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) increases the federal funds rate.     Read more...

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