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Product APY Rate Min. Deposit
3 month CD 1.150% 1.150% $10,000.00
6 month CD 1.400% 1.400% $10,000.00
1 yr CD 1.750% 1.740% $10,000.00
2 yr CD 1.850% 1.840% $10,000.00
3 yr CD 1.900% 1.890% $10,000.00
5 yr CD 2.100% 2.090% $10,000.00
18 month CD 1.800% 1.790% $10,000.00
9 month CD 1.400% 1.400% $10,000.00
4 yr CD 2.000% 1.990% $10,000.00
Rates Updated: 01/18/2018

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