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Checking Account Rates in Phoenix, AZ

The current highest checking account rate on our list in Phoenix, Arizona is from FNBO Direct. The online banking arm of First National Bank of Omaha, is currently offering checking account rates at 1.09 percent with a checking account yield of 1.10 percent. The national average checking account rate is a lot less. The current national average rate is only 0.23 percent. 

Coming in with the second best checking rate on our list of rates in Phoenix, AZ,  is from Capital One Direct. The online bank is offering checking interest rate at 1.01 percent with an interest yield of 1.01 percent.

Flagstar Bank has the third best checking interest rate on our list in Phoenix. Flagstar is offering their checking account rate at 0.85 percent with a checking yield of 0.85 percent.

Bank of Internet has the fourth highest rate on our list. Bank of Internet’s current checking rate is 0.71 percent with a yield of 0.71 percent. Bank of Internet is on online bank based in San Diego, California.  

Phoenix, Arizona Checking Account Rates

FNBO Direct 1.10% Min $500 
Capital One Direct Banking 1.01% Min $ 1 
Flagstar Bank 0.85% Min $ 1 
First Internet Bank of IN 0.75% Min $500 
Bank of Internet USA 0.71% Min $ 1 
Salem Five Direct 0.60% Min $ 1 
EverBank 0.51% Min $ 1 
Ally Bank 0.50% Min $ 1 
ING DIRECT 0.25% Min $ 1 0.25% Min $1000

Author: Lisa Graham
January 31st, 2011

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